On the Marshmallow Fluff Train

So I seem to have lost my moxie in the past few weeks. Not that I was ever “Little Miss Perfect Emparenting”, but my patience has been at an all time low and I’ve gotten in to way too many negative interactions with my kids.  Things have been tough (more on that soon), and I haven’t really had the energy to devote to creative emparenting.  So it’s been all like “because I said so” and “if you don’t listen, I’ll have to give you a time out” and other such delights.

Going back to working on this blog has given me the inspiration I’ve needed to try and “get back on the wagon”.  Like this morning – Jeremy was lying on the floor and whining that he wouldn’t go to preschool unless I took him on the bus. Only problem – the bus had already left and we were supposed to walk over to our neighbor’s house to get a ride (Yes – apropos “things have been tough” – our 2003 Corolla died last week unexpectedly and needs a (gulp) new motor.  How cool is that?!!). I tried coaxing, I tried cajoling, I even tried begging – and just before the “if you don’t get up right now young man” part, I managed to stop and take a deep breath. I counted to ten, plastered a silly clown smile on my face and squealed: “Hey, Jeremy, if you don’t hurry, you’re going to miss the Marshmallow Fluff Train!”

Jeremy looked up suddenly and eyed me suspiciously, weighing his sense that this obviously had to be some kind of trick, against the possibility that maybe – just maybe! – there was a Marshmallow Fluff Train. I could see his little brain jump back and forth from “Come on, Mommy – imaginary trains are for babies!” to “Woo hoo! Marshmallow Fluff Train! Marshmallow Fluff Train!”

In the end, the train won out, and he slowly got up and followed me outside. So that’s how it happened that my son and I could be seen early this morning, walking down the street in a line, shouting “Marshmallow Fluff Train! Marshmallow Fluff Train!” and giggling our heads off.

Truthfully – it was fun. More fun, even, than thinking about the 3000 dollars we are going to have to shell out for a new engine. And the best part – Jeremy went to school really, really happy.