Motherlode: Love is a Series of Actions

Another excellent article on the importance of treating our kids as individuals and not subjecting them to a set of “one size fits all” expectations. Parenting is about them, not about us, see?

This time from Amy Julia Becker, writing on Motherlode:

“Over the years I’ve learned some practical things about sleep, but what I’ve really figured out is that teaching my children to sleep isn’t a litmus test for good babies or good mothering. Rather, teaching them to sleep is about establishing a relationship of care even when it is exhausting and difficult and I worry that it will never end. It is about sacrificing my desire to get back to “normal” life and relinquishing my hopes to conform my children to a set of rules I read in a book. Teaching them to sleep is about treating my children as individuals and trusting my instincts about when to hold and when to let them cry, when to wake them up and when to let the nap continue.”