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When Harry’s Brain Met Sally’s

They’re the sort of questions that countless parents have asked themselves at one time another. What makes our girls and our boys seem so dramatically different from one another? Is there a girl gene responsible for “sugar and spice and everything nice” and a corresponding boy gene for “frogs and snails and puppy dog tails”? Or is it the environment — those prim-and-proper tea parties vs. those rough-and-tumble wrestling matches — which pull the sexes in opposite directions from such an early age.
Some of us have accepted the differences between our girls and our boys as a given, many others have struggled against it, and not a few of us have wondered about our own hand in making it so. How critical is that first blue or pink onesie in the life of a baby, the toy airplane mobile hanging above its crib compared with the beatific teddy bear beside it – and how much does all that amount to when paired against the confluences and constraints of human biology? The Nature vs. Nurture question is one that has captured our attention for centuries and continues to fascinate us to this day…